The Alberta Government Takes Action to Dismiss Chestermere City Council

The Alberta government has made the decision to dismiss all members of Chestermere city council, as well as its senior administration team. Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver expressed his dissatisfaction with the city’s response to a province-ordered investigation, leading to this drastic action.

The intended order includes the dismissal of all seven members of the city council, Mayor Jeff Colvin, and city councillors Mel Foat, Stephen Hanley, Blaine Funk, Shannon Dean, Sandy Johal-Watt, and Ritesh Narayan. Additionally, the city’s three chief administrative officers, Kim Wallace, Travis Fillier, and Cameron Wong, will also be removed from their positions.

Minister McIver has given a deadline of November 2 for each affected individual to respond to the notice, and their responses will be considered before the order is made. However, no specific date has been provided for when the ministerial order will be issued.

The decision to dismiss council and the senior administration team is rooted in the city’s failure to meet the directives set out by the province following a municipal inspection. The inspection, conducted in May 2022, revealed irregularities and improper governance in Chestermere, leading to the appointment of an official administrator.

The city has announced its plan to contest the dismissals through a court injunction. However, Minister McIver’s letter emphasizes his disappointment with the city’s continued failure to comply with directives and respect the role of the province-appointed official administrator.

It is clear that this action taken by the Alberta government reflects their commitment to ensuring good governance and the proper functioning of municipalities. Chestermere residents will now have to wait and see how these dismissals will impact the future of their city.