The Maisonneuves to Deliver Opening Speech at Conservative Party Convention

Retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuve and his wife, retired Maj. Barbara Maisonneuve, will be taking the stage during the Conservative party convention in Quebec City on Thursday night. The military couple, lifelong Conservatives and supporters of leader Pierre Poilievre, were asked by the party to deliver the opening speech together.

The Maisonneuves plan to champion “common sense” values, aligning with the convention’s theme, known as the “Common Sense Convention.” They also intend to criticize the Liberal government and the “woke” movement.

Barbara Maisonneuve expressed her concern about the current government’s lack of common sense in its decision-making and called for unity under a strong government. Michel Maisonneuve, known as the “anti-woke general,” previously criticized political correctness, weak leaders, and climate change policies in a speech when he received the Vimy Award.

Barbara Maisonneuve also gave a speech in 2018 questioning the MeToo movement and claiming that a majority of women, including herself, had never been harassed at work. Both of their speeches received standing ovations.

The Maisonneuves’ appearances were not initially intended to be political but rather as expressions of their personal views as Canadians. However, their speeches caught the attention of Conservative operatives, leading to meetings with party defense critic James Bezan and Pierre Poilievre’s senior advisor, Jenni Byrne. Michel Maisonneuve has shown support for Poilievre and offered to assist in drafting defense policies if needed.