Arizona Woman Finds Rattlesnake in Her Toilet

An Arizona woman was shocked when she discovered a live rattlesnake in her toilet. Michelle Lespron returned home after a 4-day trip and went to use the bathroom, only to find a large black snake slithering inside the toilet. She immediately reached out to Rattlesnake Solutions, a wildlife removal company, for assistance.

An employee from Rattlesnake Solutions arrived to help and after 3 attempts, successfully seized control of the snake. A video of the incident was posted on Facebook, capturing the moment the handler grabbed the snake and pulled it out of the toilet.

Discovering a snake in a toilet can be a scary situation. It is important to seek professional help when dealing with wildlife intrusions, especially in dangerous situations like this. Rattlesnake Solutions specializes in handling and removing snakes, ensuring the safety of both humans and animals.

While it is rare to find snakes in toilets, it is not unheard of. Snakes can enter homes through small openings and drains, making their way into plumbing systems. It is advisable to regularly check for any gaps or openings that could potentially serve as entry points for snakes and other animals.

Ensure that your home is properly sealed and keep your bathroom and toilet lids closed when not in use. This can help prevent snakes or other creatures from entering these areas. Seek professional assistance if you suspect the presence of wildlife in your home or encounter a dangerous situation like a snake in your toilet.

Stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to keep your home and surroundings safe from unexpected wildlife encounters.