An Armed Bystander Thwarts Shooting at North Carolina Supermarket

A heroic armed bystander successfully stopped a shooting incident outside a supermarket in North Carolina, according to local authorities. The incident occurred at the Lowes Foods parking lot in Wake Forest Crossing when Mirza Zukanovic, 35, allegedly opened fire at two individuals following a domestic dispute.

As Zukanovic targeted the victims, an unidentified bystander, who possessed a valid concealed carry permit, quickly responded and engaged the suspect, firing their own weapon and causing Zukanovic to flee the scene. The armed citizen’s swift action saved potential lives, effectively neutralizing the threat.

Impaired by alcohol, Zukanovic unfortunately crashed his vehicle a short while later on Stadium Drive. Police apprehended him without further issues. Authorities have charged him with multiple offenses, including assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, discharging a firearm within city limits, driving while impaired, and other traffic violations.

Fortunately, no one sustained injuries during the exchange of gunfire, and no property damage was reported. Wake Forest police commend the courageous bystander’s actions, emphasizing the importance of responsible gun ownership and the potential role that armed citizens can play in preventing or stopping criminal activity.

While incidents like these are uncommon, similar instances in other parts of the country have demonstrated the effectiveness of armed bystanders in thwarting dangerous armed criminals. Just last month in Alpharetta, Georgia, a customer at a Zaxby’s restaurant successfully stopped a 57-year-old man attempting to rob the establishment by shooting the suspect in the leg. The suspect fled but was later apprehended by law enforcement.


Q: Can bystanders legally carry firearms in North Carolina?
A: Yes, North Carolina has specific laws that allow individuals to carry firearms openly or concealed, provided they meet the necessary requirements and obtain the relevant permits.

Q: Are there any specific guidelines for responsible gun ownership?
A: Yes, responsible gun ownership includes undergoing proper training, familiarizing oneself with state and local laws, practicing safe firearm handling, and using firearms responsibly to protect oneself and others.

Q: Were there any other notable incidents involving armed bystanders?
A: Yes, there have been several instances across the country where armed citizens have intervened to stop criminal activity or protect innocent lives, highlighting the potential impact of responsible gun ownership.