Former High Court Judge Supports the Voice Proposal Despite Baseless Criticisms

Former High Court judge Kenneth Hayne has voiced his support for the Voice to parliament referendum, stating that he can’t think of any legal criticisms of the proposed body that have any merit. Hayne expressed his surprise at the frequency with which baseless statements against the Voice have been made during the national referendum debate. As a prominent figure in the legal profession, Hayne’s endorsement carries significant weight.

In an interview with ABC Radio National, Hayne emphasized that his focus has always been on evaluating the proposal and considering whether the criticisms made against it hold any validity. However, after careful consideration, he concluded that the criticisms, with almost no exceptions, simply lack merit.

The Voice to parliament referendum aims to establish a representative body that provides Indigenous Australians with a platform to have their voices heard on matters that directly affect them. Proponents argue that the Voice would help address the underrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in decision-making processes and facilitate greater self-determination.

Hayne’s support for the Voice comes at a critical juncture, as Australians prepare to cast their votes on the referendum. His endorsement adds credibility to the proposal and may influence public opinion. However, it remains to be seen whether his stance will sway those who have been hesitant to support the Voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Voice to parliament referendum?

The Voice to parliament referendum seeks to establish a representative body for Indigenous Australians that allows them to have a say in matters that affect their communities.

Why is Kenneth Hayne’s support important?

As a former High Court judge and a well-respected figure in the legal profession, Hayne’s endorsement carries significant weight. His support may influence public opinion and contribute to a more informed and balanced debate on the Voice proposal.

What are the criticisms against the Voice to parliament?

Critics of the Voice argue that it could create a separate and unequal system of governance, undermine the principles of equality and non-discrimination, and potentially lead to division within Australian society. However, according to Hayne, these criticisms lack merit.