Indigenous Leader Denies Calling No Voters Racist

Turning to Professor Marcia Langton, she has clarified the context behind her comments at a public forum in Bunbury, Western Australia. Media reports suggested that Langton called No voters “racist and stupid,” which led to a dispute in federal parliament. However, Langton denies making these derogatory remarks.

During an interview on RN Breakfast, Langton explained that she was responding to a question about compensation for Indigenous Australians if the referendum succeeded. She emphasized that compensation would only be granted if ordered by a court or authority. Langton believes that the No campaign is attempting to use fear tactics by suggesting that Aboriginal people will receive more compensation than they deserve.

Langton clarified that her comments were misinterpreted. She stated that she does not believe most Australians are racist and that she herself is not racist. Langton argued that her criticism was directed at the claims made by the No campaign, which she believes are rooted in racism and stupidity.

In another news, Health Minister Mark Butler emphasized the need to crack down on vapes, stating that there is consensus among states and territories on this issue. The federal government plans to introduce import controls to prevent the influx of vapes into Australia. Butler noted that the availability of vapes has contributed to an increase in smoking rates among young people.

Butler referred to vapes as the “new frontier” in the battle against big tobacco. He highlighted the industry’s cunning tactics to bypass plain packaging restrictions and target young people. Butler expressed commitment from both the federal government and state and territory colleagues to address the issue effectively.

Assistant Indigenous Australians Minister Malarndirri McCarthy called for a respectful debate on the Voice and defended Marcia Langton, describing her as an “outstanding Australian.” McCarthy urged everyone to engage in respectful dialogue regarding the Voice referendum.

In conclusion, Indigenous leader Marcia Langton denies calling No voters racist and stupid. Health Minister Mark Butler highlights the need for stricter regulations on vapes to combat the tactics of big tobacco. Minister McCarthy calls for respectful debate on the Voice referendum.