Awheata Pikari Overcomes Challenges After School Bus Crash

Awheata Pikari, a 10-year-old student, had her life changed forever when the school bus she was riding in crashed into a truck near Exford Primary School. As a result of the collision, Awheata’s left arm had to be amputated. However, just three months after the accident, she has made remarkable progress in her recovery.

With the help of new technology and cool gadgets, Awheata has been able to pursue her dream of becoming a YouTuber with her brother. She expressed her gratitude for the support she has received and her ability to do things independently. Awheata’s brothers, Te Awhiorangi, 6, and Te Wai, 8, escaped the accident without serious injuries.

The May 16 bus crash resulted in multiple children being rushed to nearby hospitals, with several sustaining life-threatening injuries. Awheata’s father, Daniel Pikari, received a message about the accident and hurried to the scene. He was relieved to find his two boys safe but anxiously awaited news about Awheata.

The family accompanied Awheata to the hospital, where they learned that her left arm had been amputated. Despite the shock, they were grateful for her survival. Awheata returned to school only a month after the operation, making use of special aids and devices to assist her in writing and other activities.

In a camp organized by the KIDS Foundation for children who have experienced traumatic events, Awheata learned to swim and participated in various activities that pushed her to strive for new accomplishments. The Pikari family also had the opportunity to overcome their fears by riding a bus again during the camp.

Daniel Pikari shared that he found inspiration and strength through connecting with other families who had gone through similar traumas and coping strategies. Awheata’s confidence has soared in the past few months, and she continues to make wonderful progress despite the challenges she faces.

Awheata’s resilience and independence have been remarkable, even before the accident. Her father described her as a fiercely independent young woman. Awheata’s positive attitude and determination have enabled her to adapt to her new circumstances and thrive.

The Pikari family’s experience serves as a testament to the resilience of children and the strength of their support system. Awheata’s confidence has grown, and she no longer feels the need to cover up her amputated arm. Her progress is a source of inspiration to everyone around her, and she continues to defy expectations on her journey to recovery.