Man Released from Psychiatric Hospital Arrested for Triple Stabbing in Vancouver’s Chinatown

British Columbia Premier David Eby expressed his anger over the recent release of a man from a forensic psychiatric hospital, who was subsequently arrested for a triple stabbing in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The decision to release the man has left Eby “white-hot” angry and determined to investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Blair Evan Donnelly, a 64-year-old man, has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault and is currently in custody following the attack at the Light Up Chinatown! festival. Donnelly had previously been found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder for the fatal stabbing of his teenage daughter in 2006. However, Eby reveals that Donnelly was released in 2009 and went on to harm someone else.

The premier finds it incomprehensible that the man was released for a second time before Sunday’s attack, and he is determined to prevent such occurrences from happening again. He emphasizes his commitment to get to the bottom of how this release was approved and to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of the community.

During the attack at the festival, a man and woman in their 60s, as well as a woman in her 20s, sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The incident has raised concerns about the adequacy of assessments and oversight for individuals who have been deemed unfit to stand trial due to mental health reasons.

Efforts will be made to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. The case highlights the need for a comprehensive review of procedures and policies concerning the release and monitoring of individuals with mental disorders who pose potential risks to the community.