Unlikely Bond: Controversial Figures Forge Unusual Friendship in Bali

In a surprising turn of events, former SAS soldier Ben Roberts-Smith and Northern Territory police officer Zachary Rolfe have been photographed together in Bali, where they were seen relaxing in a pool. The unlikely friendship between these two figures, both involved in major national scandals, has raised eyebrows and sparked controversy.

The men, who bonded over their military careers, were captured in an Instagram post by a Queensland police officer. The post featured Roberts-Smith and Rolfe smiling poolside at Finn’s Beach Club in Bali. The Queensland officer, who served alongside Rolfe in the NT, captioned the photo with “Hanging out with the boyz.”

The post gained attention when an account named “zaccourtier” commented, “Just a couple cops/murderers and war criminals Havin a lovely afternoon in the sun” with a love heart. The Guardian, which obtained the now-private image, revealed that the “zaccourtier” account used the display name “Zac R.” It is worth noting that Courtier is the maiden name of Rolfe’s mother.

The Queensland Police Service is currently conducting further inquiries into the matter. They are waiting for advice from the Ethical Standards Command on how to proceed with this information. This incident comes after recent investigations into online posts made by officers, prompting the Queensland police to consider changes to their social media policy.

While Rolfe, 31, was found not guilty of murdering Kumanjayi Walker in a highly-publicized trial, Roberts-Smith, an SAS veteran, lost a landmark Federal Court case that proved his involvement in the murder of four unarmed prisoners in Afghanistan. Both men have faced legal battles and public scrutiny over their actions.

The photograph was taken by a retiring or resigning NT police officer, who is not implicated in any wrongdoing. In the same edition of the NT Police Association’s newsletter, which featured the officer, Rolfe and the union president were pictured on the front cover outside court. Inside the newsletter, the union president referred to Rolfe’s prosecution as “treacherous.”

As these events continue to unfold, questions arise about the motivations behind this unlikely friendship. How have these two controversial figures found common ground? And what impact will their association have on their respective legal battles and public perception?


1. How did Ben Roberts-Smith and Zachary Rolfe meet?

Roberts-Smith and Rolfe connected over their military careers.

2. What is the significance of the photograph in Bali?

The photograph captures Roberts-Smith and Rolfe relaxing together in a Bali pool, raising questions about their association.

3. What legal issues have these men faced?

Rolfe was found not guilty of murder in a high-profile trial, while Roberts-Smith lost a defamation case implicating him as a war criminal.

4. What is the current status of their legal battles?

Roberts-Smith is appealing the Federal Court decision in his own case, while Rolfe’s legal issues have concluded with his acquittal.

5. How has their association been received by the public?

Their friendship has sparked controversy and further scrutiny of both individuals involved.