New Biden Campaign Takes a Stance on Immigration Policies

The Biden 2024 campaign is taking a firm stance on immigration policies, specifically targeting the proposals made by former President Donald Trump. Campaign officials have expressed concern that Trump’s draconian immigration policies, which include mass deportations and the end of birthright citizenship, will alienate key voters, particularly Latinos.

María Carolina Casado, the Biden campaign’s media director, describes Trump’s proposed immigration policy as “scary” and states that it aims to hurt the Latino community and families by supporting family separation. The campaign aims to bring attention to these policies, which they believe go against American values and the rights of immigrants.

The campaign has criticized Trump’s promise to deny birthright citizenship to the children of unauthorized immigrants, calling it an attempt to use “children as political pawns” and an affront to the U.S. Constitution. They also label Trump’s immigration plans as “racist” and “cruel.”

In addition, the campaign plans to highlight Trump’s praise for the separation of migrant children from their parents at the border and his refusal to rule out reinstating it. They also condemn Trump’s vow to launch the “largest deportation operation” in U.S. history and his reference to “Operation Wetback,” an initiative from the 1950s that led to the arrest and deportation of Mexican immigrants and U.S. citizens.

The Biden campaign argues that Trump has no plan to build a humane and secure immigration system and only cares about himself. They believe that Trump preys on the country’s most vulnerable populations for his own gain.

While it remains to be seen whether these efforts by the Biden campaign will benefit the president politically, particularly among Latinos, pollsters suggest that drawing contrasts between Biden’s immigration agenda and Trump’s “extreme” proposals is a smart move. Americans, in general, are accepting of immigrants, and there is broad support for legal immigration and granting legal status to some undocumented immigrants.

Even though the Latino vote is up for grabs in 2024, recent polls have shown that a majority of registered Latinos would vote for Mr. Biden. However, Biden’s handling of immigration remains one of his worst-polling issues. It is important for the campaign to address these concerns and differentiate themselves from the previous administration’s policies.