Springfield and Ludlow Water Advisory Lifted, Safe to Drink Tap Water Again

After two days of precautionary measures, residents of Springfield and Ludlow can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission (SWSC) has lifted the boil water order. The order was put in place after a major water main break occurred on Tuesday, causing a loss of water pressure and the potential for contamination.

In a recent news release, the SWSC announced that all water samples collected on Tuesday and Wednesday tested negative for bacteria, indicating that the water is now safe to drink. Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno held a news conference to address the repairs of the water main break and the lifting of the boil water order. He expressed gratitude for the residents’ patience during the inconvenience caused by the precautionary measure.

While it is no longer necessary to boil tap water, there are a few steps recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to ensure the flushing out of any residual standing water in your home before resuming normal water usage. These steps include running your taps for one minute for cold water, at least 15 minutes for hot water, and up to 30 minutes if you have a larger hot water heater.

Additional precautions include running an empty cycle in your dishwasher before loading dishes and running a quart of clean water through your refrigerator ice dispenser. For ice machines, it is advised to discard ice for a 24-hour cycle starting on Thursday morning to ensure the cleanliness of the ice produced.

Residents can now have peace of mind knowing that their tap water is safe to consume. The SWSC has assured the community that they will continue to monitor the water quality closely to ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of its residents.

1. Why was a boil water order issued in Springfield and Ludlow?
– The boil water order was issued due to a major water main break, which led to a loss of water pressure and the potential for bacterial contamination.

2. How long was the boil water order in effect?
– The boil water order was in effect for two days before being lifted by the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission.

3. Can I resume using my tap water as normal now?
– Yes, you can now use your tap water as normal. However, it is recommended to follow the flushing procedures outlined by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to ensure the removal of any standing water.