Montana Man Arrested on Charges of Child Sexual Abuse

Montana authorities have arrested Edmund Davis, the boyfriend of Alicia Navarro, the teenage girl who resurfaced after disappearing in Arizona four years ago, on charges of child sexual abuse. The arrest came after explicit images were discovered on Davis’ cellphone during a search of his apartment in July. The photos depicted children under the age of 12 engaged in sexual conduct.

This development is unrelated to the case of Alicia Navarro, according to a spokesperson from the attorney general’s office. However, investigators uncovered over 80 incriminating images on Davis’ phone, including those involving a victim under the age of 16. Davis faces two felony counts of sexual abuse of children and is currently held at the Hill County Detention Center on a $1 million bond.

During the search, officers observed Davis attempting to dispose of his cellphone. Alicia Navarro, who had gone to the police station in Havre, Montana to identify herself as the missing girl, initially denied Davis’ presence in their shared apartment. However, police witnessed him throwing his phone into the trash and covering it with items. The attorney general’s office also noted the presence of graphic images on Davis’ laptop, including infants and toddlers.

Authorities have not disclosed how Navarro ended up in Montana or the duration of her stay there. However, when she appeared at the police station, she sought assistance in clearing her from the missing juvenile list.


Q: What charges does Edmund Davis face?
A: Edmund Davis faces two felony counts of sexual abuse of children.

Q: Are the charges related to Alicia Navarro?
A: No, the charges against Davis are not related to Alicia Navarro’s case.

Q: How many images were found on Davis’ phone?
A: During the search, investigators found over 80 explicit images on Davis’ cellphone.

Q: What age group were the victims in the images?
A: The images depicted children aged 12 and under engaged in sexual conduct.

Q: Where is Davis currently held?
A: Davis is currently held at the Hill County Detention Center in Montana on a $1 million bond.