Understanding the Urgency: The Consequences of a Government Ban on XL Bullies

In a race against time, an anxious Bristol XL Bully owner is seeking to offload their beloved pet for free online before the impending Government ban on this specific breed takes effect. Reports from the Mirror Online reveal that more than 700 American Bullies, including the XL breed, are being listed for sale on popular UK websites like Gumtree and Pets4Homes.

An advert placed on Pets4Homes caught attention, offering a nine-month-old XL Bully for a mere £10. The owner’s distress was clear as they pleaded for someone to provide a “new forever loving home” for the dog, thus avoiding the heartbreaking alternative of euthanasia. Similarly, another ad on the same site featured a six-month-old XL Bully for £75 with a desperate plea for a perfect home, disregarding any monetary compensation.

The allure of the XL Bully, which used to fetch up to £5,000, will soon come to an end as the Government announced its planned ban in September, slated to be implemented on February 1. Gumtree, too, boasts over 50 listings for XL Bullies, with some owners openly “open for offers.”

Fading Hope: The Consequences of Hasty Measures

In an attempt to bypass the imminent ban, a breeder in Doncaster decided to sell a dozen puppies for just £450, citing the ban as “stupid.” Similarly, an owner from Newton Aycliffe hoped to find a buyer for their dog for £100, expressing reluctance to resort to euthanasia.

Social media platforms like Facebook are also being used by people offering XL Bullies for free. A woman from Northumberland emphasized that money was not her concern, but rather, finding a loving home for her pet. Another post echoed the sentiment, clearly stating that there was no price attached to the XL Bully, only a desire for a caring environment.

Dangerous Hands: An Unintended Consequence

However, experts are concerned that the urgency to rehome these dogs may lead to them falling into the wrong hands. Ed Hayes from the Kennel Club highlights the predicament caused by the short time frame given to comply with the legislation, as well as the need to ensure responsible ownership to avoid incidents involving these breeds. Only those with a certificate of exemption, who fulfill stringent requirements, will be permitted to keep the banned dogs. Owners who are forced to euthanize their dogs due to legal obligations may claim a compensation of £200.

The Dogs Trust acknowledges that the current panicked sale of XL Bully puppies was an anticipated consequence of the ban. They caution that hasty decisions like these can result in the dogs being obtained by unfit or inexperienced owners, posing potential risks to public safety.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are XL Bullies being given away for free?
A: The impending Government ban on the breed has prompted owners to urgently rehome their XL Bullies rather than face euthanasia.

Q: Can I legally own an XL Bully after the ban?
A: Unless you possess a certificate of exemption and meet specific requirements, owning an XL Bully after the ban comes into effect will be illegal.

Q: What will happen to owners who euthanize their dogs?
A: Owners who are compelled to euthanize their dogs due to the ban are eligible to claim compensation of £200.

Q: Are there concerns about the welfare of these dogs after the ban?
A: Experts warn that the rushed rehoming of XL Bullies may lead to unsuitable individuals acquiring them, posing potential risks to public safety.

Q: When will the ban on XL Bullies take effect?
A: The Government ban on XL Bullies is scheduled to be implemented on February 1.

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