New security measures implemented at the British Museum following inside job theft

The British Museum, one of the UK’s most prestigious cultural institutions, recently experienced a major theft that was described by the chair of trustees, George Osborne, as an “inside job.” Approximately 2,000 treasures were stolen, but fortunately, 350 of them have been recovered so far. The museum has taken immediate action by dismissing a staff member suspected of involvement in the thefts.

In response to the incident, the British Museum has announced plans to digitize its entire collection. This five-year project aims to make the collection accessible online, allowing people from around the world to explore and appreciate the treasures without physically visiting the museum. Sir Mark Jones, the museum’s interim director, believes that digitization will enhance security by increasing awareness and usage of the collection.

The thefts raise concerns regarding museum security and how such a large number of items could go missing without detection. The British Museum has since implemented stricter security measures, including changes to their whistleblowing code, theft policy, and overall security protocols. The museum now ensures that no staff member has access to strong rooms alone, among other measures, to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Additionally, the museum plans to enhance access to its study rooms, allowing the public and academics to view additional items from the collection by appointment. This move aims to increase transparency and engagement with the museum’s treasures.

Although the recovery of 350 items is a positive development, there are still over 1,500 items unaccounted for. The museum is cooperating with ongoing police investigations, and an external review is expected to report the causes of the thefts later this year. The British Museum is committed to openness and transparency and is taking all necessary steps to ensure that such a theft never happens again.


Q: How many treasures were stolen from the British Museum?
A: Approximately 2,000 treasures were stolen.

Q: How many items have been recovered?
A: 350 items have been recovered so far.

Q: How long will it take for the British Museum to digitize its collection?
A: The digitization project is expected to take five years.

Q: What security measures have been implemented at the British Museum?
A: The museum has changed its whistleblowing code, theft policy, and tightened security protocols. No staff member is allowed to access strong rooms alone.

Q: Are there any plans to improve access to the collection?
A: Yes, the museum plans to enhance access to its study rooms, allowing the public and academics to view additional items by appointment.

Q: How many items are still missing?
A: Over 1,500 items are still unaccounted for.