Suspected Norovirus Outbreak at Butlin’s Resort in Skegness

Families on holiday at the Butlin’s resort in Skegness have complained of a suspected norovirus outbreak, which has resulted in illness for several guests. One guest, Sarah O’Reilly, reported that 10 out of a group of 12 holidaymakers experienced vomiting during their stay at the Lincolnshire resort.

Butlin’s has acknowledged the incidents of sickness and has implemented enhanced cleaning measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of their guests and staff. The UK Health Security Agency is working closely with Butlin’s to prevent the spread of infection. Despite the outbreak, the resort has remained open.

Guests at Butlin’s have reported symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, temperature, and muscle aches. Some guests observed workers wearing face masks and have speculated about a norovirus outbreak. The resort has not confirmed the cause of the illness, but reported symptoms are consistent with norovirus.

Beckie Sanderson, another guest at the resort, shared her experience of witnessing a lifeguard overseeing sick individuals in the pool. Her daughter also fell ill, and she and her partner experienced symptoms as well. The outbreak has disrupted the birthday plans of guests and has caused great disappointment.

Butlin’s has implemented various enhanced cleaning measures, including assisted service in buffet restaurants, regular cleaning throughout the resort, and the installation of sanitiser stations. The UKHSA has been informed of the outbreak and is working with Butlin’s management to respond to the illness reports and prevent further spread of infection.

Officials recommend that anyone experiencing symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting should self-isolate and avoid handling or preparing food for others for at least 48 hours after being symptom-free. They should contact NHS 111 or their doctor via phone if they have concerns.

The investigation into the outbreak has not identified food as the source of the illness. However, guests are advised to follow hygiene precautions, and Butlin’s is taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of its guests and staff.