Woman Claiming to be “Queen of Canada” Forced out of Kamsack, Saskatchewan

A woman who identifies herself as the “Queen of Canada” and is affiliated with the QAnon conspiracy theory was expelled from Kamsack, Saskatchewan on Wednesday. Romana Didulo and her followers arrived in the town, but were met with peaceful protests from local residents, leading to the RCMP escorting them out of town.

Didulo, who began as a QAnon supporter, has assumed various titles, including “Queen of Canada” and national Indigenous leader. She has gained thousands of followers through social media platforms like Telegram, where she spreads conspiracy theories and issues what she calls decrees. Some of her followers have gotten into legal trouble by following her instructions, such as refusing to pay utility bills. Balgord, the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, described Didulo’s followers as potentially dangerous, likening them to a cult.

Didulo and her supporters travel across Canada in an RV convoy, often targeting small to mid-sized communities. They arrived in Kamsack, a town with approximately 1,800 residents, causing alarm among locals. Town officials, including the mayor, engaged with Didulo’s entourage, asserting their authority and asserting that Didulo had no official power or recognition from the community or government.

The tension escalated, prompting the intervention of the RCMP to maintain peace. Town officials arranged a meeting between Didulo and the chief of the nearby Cote First Nation, but it is unclear if the meeting took place.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has been monitoring Didulo’s activities, particularly her rhetoric surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and her decrees that promote harmful actions. Concerns have been raised that her followers may take her words to heart and act on them.

As news spread about Didulo’s presence in Kamsack, more residents came together to peacefully protest her and her followers. The incident highlighted the solidarity of the community and their commitment to protecting their town from divisive and potentially dangerous ideologies.