Journalist Experience and Coverage

Throughout my career as a journalist, I have had the opportunity to cover a wide range of topics, including a royal tour, a terror attack, and international sport. I have gained valuable experience working in various locations such as New Zealand, the UK, the Canary Islands, and my home country of Australia.

In 2018, I returned to Australia to continue my journalistic endeavors. Currently, my focus is on covering news from the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and Queanbeyan courts. This involves reporting on various legal cases and proceedings taking place in these areas.

Having covered a royal tour, I have had the privilege of witnessing and reporting on significant events involving members of royalty. This experience has allowed me to gain unique insights into the world of monarchy and its impact on society.

Additionally, I have also covered a terror attack, which has given me firsthand experience of reporting on such tragic events. This type of reporting requires sensitivity and accuracy in order to provide the public with a clear understanding of what occurred and its implications.

In the realm of international sport, I have been involved in reporting on a variety of sporting events. This has allowed me to witness the excitement and passion that surrounds sporting competitions, as well as provide in-depth coverage of the athletes and their achievements.

With a diverse range of experiences and a passion for journalism, I am committed to delivering accurate and informative coverage of the news. My work in the ACT and Queanbeyan courts allows me to provide the public with an insight into the legal proceedings that impact our communities.