New Article: Birkdale Residential Home Takes Steps to Address Safety Concerns

Birkdale Residential Home in Oakengates recently underwent an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), following concerns about the management of risk within the building. The inspection aimed to assess the safety and leadership of the service, both of which were rated as ‘inadequate’.

During the inspection, it was found that residents were at risk of preventable injuries due to the provider’s failure to identify and mitigate risks effectively. Wardrobes and heavy items were not properly secured, posing a risk of toppling over and causing harm. Additionally, hazardous substances were not stored securely, and some radiators had broken covers or were left uncovered, creating potential sharp points.

The CQC inspectors also discovered inadequate fire safety checks, including holes in fire doors and additional locks on fire exits. Hygiene practices were found to be lacking, with visible dirt and debris in the kitchen, rust on radiators, and evidence of poor cleaning. Medicines were not safely stored or managed, resulting in two individuals not receiving their prescribed medicated creams.

Despite these findings, the CQC inspector noted that the provider was admitting people safely, using personal protective equipment effectively, and responding to risks and signs of infection. Additionally, the staff-to-resident ratio was sufficient to provide support without unreasonable delays, and users reported positive experiences with the staff.

However, the inspection highlighted significant shortfalls in service leadership. The provider failed to implement learning from significant incidents and lacked understanding of legal requirements for environmental assessment and checks. The registered manager was unaware of the risks associated with legionella bacteria and had not taken appropriate measures to mitigate potential harm.

As a result of the ‘inadequate’ rating, Birkdale Residential Home has been placed into special measures. The CQC will conduct a follow-up inspection within six months to evaluate the implementation of significant improvements.

It is crucial that Birkdale Residential Home takes these findings seriously and works diligently to address the concerns raised. The safety and well-being of the residents should always be the top priority, and immediate action must be taken to ensure their protection.

Q: What were the main concerns found during the inspection of Birkdale Residential Home?
A: The main concerns identified during the inspection included inadequate risk management, unsafe physical environment, unsecured items, hazardous substances accessible to residents, fire safety issues, hygiene deficiencies, and inadequate storage and management of medicines.

Q: What actions will be taken following the ‘inadequate’ rating?
A: Birkdale Residential Home has been placed into special measures, and the CQC will conduct a re-inspection within six months to assess for significant improvements. The service will be closely monitored and kept under review during this period.