Senior NSW Police Officer Sues Radio Station 2GB Over Defamatory Broadcasts

A senior NSW Police officer, Superintendent Bruce Grassick, has taken legal action against radio station 2GB and presenter Ray Hadley over broadcasts that allegedly damaged his reputation. The broadcasts, which aired in February and May 2023, accused Grassick of mistreating four junior officers and called for his resignation.

The lawsuit claims that Ray Hadley, who is known for his contentious relationship with the police force, harbors a “malicious bias” against senior police due to the treatment of his son, former police officer Daniel Hadley. Grassick alleges that the broadcasts defamed him by suggesting he had treated the officers poorly, conducted a campaign of terror against them, and should have been sacked.

In the broadcasts, Hadley highlighted the case of four police officers from the Bathurst area who were charged with misconduct but later acquitted. He claimed that Grassick, who was the commander of that region at the time, was responsible for pushing the prosecution. Hadley repeatedly called for Grassick’s resignation and questioned his promotion to superintendent.

Grassick’s lawyers argue that the broadcasts caused severe damage to his professional reputation, affecting his working relationships and community connections in rural and regional areas. The lawsuit seeks damages, including aggravated damages, and highlights the “malicious bias” exhibited by Hadley towards the NSW police force.

The defamation case was mentioned in court for the first time recently and is expected to continue in November. 2GB, owned by Nine Entertainment, declined to comment as the matter is now before the court.