Chicago Fire Department Mourns Loss of Firefighter Andrew Price

The Chicago Fire Department is once again grieving the loss of one of their own following a tragic fire incident in Lincoln Park. Firefighter Andrew Price, a dedicated 14-year veteran of the department, lost his life while battling the blaze.

The fire broke out early Monday morning in a four-story building on North Lincoln Avenue. Price, affectionately known as “DP” by his colleagues, was on the roof performing ventilation duties when he accidentally fell through a skylight shaft while attempting to extinguish lingering hot spots. Despite being rescued and transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Price ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Price’s untimely passing has left a profound void within the fire department. He was cherished for his kind-hearted nature, dedication to his family, and commitment to maintaining his physical well-being. Colleagues and friends describe him as a beacon of positivity who never had a negative word to say about anyone. Price’s absence will be deeply felt by those who knew and loved him.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson visited the hospital to offer his condolences to Price’s grieving family. CFD Commissioner Annette Nance Holt also paid tribute, emphasizing the dangerous nature of firefighting and the inherent risks that come with the job. She commended Price for his leadership qualities and friendship, highlighting the impact he had on his fellow firefighters.

As a tribute to Price, local establishments like Murphy’s Bar and Bleachers have memorialized him on their marquees, commemorating his selfless service. The Chicago Fire Department has endured a difficult year, with Price being the fourth firefighter to lose their life in the line of duty. Their sacrifices are a reminder of the bravery and dedication exhibited by these everyday heroes.


1. How long was Andrew Price a firefighter?

Andrew Price served as a firefighter for 14 years before tragically losing his life in the line of duty.

2. How did Andrew Price pass away?

Price fell through a skylight shaft while performing ventilation duties during the Lincoln Park fire, leading to his untimely death.

3. How is Andrew Price remembered by his colleagues?

Price’s colleagues remember him as a kind-hearted and positive individual who was admired for his commitment to his family and maintaining his physical well-being. He was known for his “hang loose” hand gesture and his favorite Hawaiian saying, “Mahalo.”