Chadstone Shopping Centre to Introduce Paid Parking for Customers

After more than six decades of offering free parking to shoppers, Chadstone shopping centre is set to implement a new parking policy. Beginning in May 2024, customers will be charged for parking after the first two hours of shopping in certain carparks.

The changes will affect over a thousand spaces, and the impacted areas will feature new parking signs to inform visitors of the updated policy. This decision has drawn mixed reactions from the public, with some expressing disappointment. One local resident voiced their concerns, stating, “It’s all adding up… I think it’s terrible.” Another shopper argued that since they already spend a significant amount of money at the shops, parking should remain free.

However, experts in the retail industry believe that these changes are necessary. “It would make sense for Chadstone to extend the paid parking situation right across the board, particularly during those busy times like Christmas,” said Gary Mortimer, a retail expert.

As of now, the shopping centre has not revealed the exact cost of parking after the initial two hours. A spokesperson for Chadstone Shopping Centre assured visitors that the majority of parking spaces would still offer free parking, emphasizing their commitment to providing this service.

While further information regarding the new parking charges is yet to be released, this shift in policy highlights the evolving nature of shopping centre operations and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.