Three People Facing Charges for Animal Endangerment in Kingston

Kingston police have announced that three individuals are facing charges following an investigation into animal endangerment. The incident unfolded when officers received a report of potential animal cruelty at a residence on Curtis Crescent on Friday morning.

According to authorities, an animal welfare investigator from Ontario had already been looking into ongoing issues of neglect at the residence prior to the police’s involvement. As a result of the investigation, all animals found inside the home were seized.

In a news release, the police described the conditions in which multiple dogs were being kept as “abhorrent and inhumane.” Seven dogs were ultimately relinquished.

During the course of the investigation, it is alleged that one of the accused brandished a knife and made threats towards both the animal welfare officer and the police officers present at the scene. Eventually, all three individuals involved were arrested.

The charges against the suspects vary. A 29-year-old resident of Kingston is facing charges of assaulting a public officer, possession of a dangerous weapon, and five counts of neglecting an animal as its owner. A 60-year-old individual from Kingston has been charged with neglecting an animal as its owner and causing unnecessary pain to an animal. Lastly, a 56-year-old resident of Kingston is facing two counts of neglecting an animal as its owner.

The investigation into this case of animal endangerment is ongoing. Additional details about the incident, including the identities of the involved parties, have been omitted to protect their privacy.