Farewell to an Extraordinary Philanthropist: Chuck Feeney

Charles “Chuck” Feeney, a visionary entrepreneur and generous philanthropist, has passed away at the age of 92. Feeney, who co-founded Duty Free Shoppers (DFS), amassed a remarkable fortune and then dedicated his life to giving it all away. He departed peacefully in San Francisco on Monday, leaving behind a legacy of immense impact and inspiration.

As a young man, Feeney embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship, establishing DFS in 1960 alongside his Cornell University classmate. DFS quickly became a prominent chain of duty-free airport stores specializing in luxury goods. Eventually, Feeney sold his shares in DFS to LVMH, a renowned French luxury goods conglomerate, which now holds the majority stake in the brand.

Feeney embodied the philosophy of “Giving While Living.” He firmly believed in making a difference in causes close to his heart during his lifetime rather than setting up a foundation after his passing. With this mindset, he established the Atlantic Philanthropies in 1982 and transferred all of his business assets to it a couple of years later. In a remarkable testament to his commitment, the foundation closed its doors in 2020 after successfully distributing its entire $8 billion endowment globally across education, healthcare, human rights, and more.

Throughout his philanthropic journey, Feeney remained humble and dedicated to frugal living. Choosing to reside in a rented apartment in San Francisco and forgoing the ownership of a car or home, Feeney exemplified a selfless and modest lifestyle.

Feeney’s impact extended far beyond his personal contributions. He positioned himself as Cornell University’s “third founder” due to his exceptional investment in the institution. Since 1982, his foundation donated nearly $1 billion to Cornell, significantly enriching the university’s academic programs.

In 2011, Feeney joined the “Giving Pledge,” a noble commitment initiated by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, which encourages the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate their wealth to philanthropy. Through this pledge, Feeney expressed his conviction that the most meaningful use of wealth is to contribute while still alive and actively participate in improving the human condition.

With his indomitable spirit and boundless generosity, Chuck Feeney leaves behind a powerful and enduring legacy. His life and philanthropic pursuits serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the immense impact we can have when we choose to give back and uplift others.


What is Chuck Feeney known for?

Chuck Feeney is renowned for his extraordinary generosity as a philanthropist. He co-founded Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) and later dedicated his life and fortune to charitable causes.

What is the “Giving While Living” philosophy?

The “Giving While Living” philosophy, embraced by Chuck Feeney, involves making a difference in causes one cares about during their lifetime rather than establishing a foundation posthumously.

What organizations did Chuck Feeney support?

Chuck Feeney’s foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies, made anonymous grants totaling $8 billion across five continents. Donations supported education, healthcare, human rights, and various other causes.

What is the “Giving Pledge”?

The “Giving Pledge” is a commitment initiated by Bill and Melinda Gates, along with Warren Buffett, wherein the world’s wealthiest individuals pledge to dedicate their wealth to philanthropic endeavors. Chuck Feeney joined the pledge in 2011.