Closure of Clevedon Town Council Facilities Linked to Councillor’s Personal Financial Record

The closure of multiple facilities in Clevedon, a seaside town in the UK, was caused by the withdrawal of insurance coverage after it was discovered that local councillor Carl Francis-Pester had county court judgments against him. On Tuesday, Clevedon Town Council had to shut down its offices, allotments, tennis courts, and a park due to the insurance company’s decision.

Mr. Francis-Pester, who has a background in the insurance industry, expressed surprise at the situation. He denied having seen any letter from the insurers regarding his personal financial record. However, he did acknowledge that he has faced financial troubles, which have resulted in county court judgments against him.

Following Aviva’s decision to drop the council as their insured party, residents were forbidden from accessing the town’s allotments, Herbert Gardens open space, and seafront tennis courts. This left many disappointed, including Carol Wring, a former councillor herself, who described the situation as “horrendous” and expressed disappointment in the council’s inability to resolve the insurance issue.

Residents who regularly visit the allotments voiced their dismay at being unable to enter the premises and tend to their crops. Richard Morrish emphasized their right to access the space and expressed confusion as to why they were being prohibited.

With no other insurance company currently willing to step in, the Clevedon Town Council chairman, Trevor Morgan, has offered apologies for the situation. It is an issue that is beyond their control, and despite their efforts to resolve it, they have been unsuccessful thus far.

Mr. Francis-Pester has threatened legal action against the council, claiming mistreatment. The council is facing challenges in finding a solution, leaving the closure of the facilities to continue until further notice.

(Source: BBC News)