A Near Tragedy Averted at Irving Big Stop in Clarenville

Earlier today, a potential disaster was prevented at the Irving Big Stop on the Trans-Canada Highway in Clarenville. According to staff at the service station, a car was on the verge of flying off the rear of the parking lot just before noon. The only thing that prevented this terrifying outcome was a concrete barrier that had been strategically placed there for this very purpose.

The incident occurred when an elderly man driving a sedan accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake as he was coming to a stop. Fortunately, none of the several occupants in the car sustained any injuries. However, they were understandably shaken by the incident, as described by an Irving employee.

It is important to highlight the significance of the concrete barrier in averting what could have been a tragic event. Had it not been in place, the vehicle would have plummeted hundreds of feet down into the backyards of homes for senior citizens situated below the parking lot.

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks and dangers associated with driving. It is crucial for drivers, especially those who may have reduced reaction times or mobility limitations, to exercise caution and double-check their actions behind the wheel.

In this case, quick thinking and proactive measures, such as the installation of the concrete barrier, played a vital role in preventing what could have been a devastating accident. It is a testament to the importance of implementing safety measures in public spaces to ensure the well-being of both drivers and pedestrians alike.

This incident also underscores the need for ongoing education and awareness campaigns focused on road safety. By promoting responsible driving habits and alertness, we can help minimize the occurrence of such near tragedies in the future.