Steve Baker’s Unique Perspective on Political Sensitivities in Northern Ireland

Amidst the unforeseen consequences of the EU referendum, one figure stands out as a symbol of the lack of foresight that led to the current state of affairs in the United Kingdom. Steve Baker, a self-proclaimed Brexit hardman, finds himself in the unenviable position of addressing the political sensitivities in Northern Ireland, a region directly impacted by Brexit and now facing the distinct possibility of Irish reunification.

Baker, who openly acknowledges his failure to comprehend the ramifications of the EU referendum, is now a minister in the Northern Ireland office. However, his recent pronouncements on a potential reunification referendum in Northern Ireland reveal a perplexing lack of wisdom. Instead of reflecting on the consequences of his own actions, Baker argues against a reunification vote, echoing the very sentiments that he now regrets regarding the EU referendum.

In his defense, Baker suggests that the 2016 EU referendum should have demanded a “super-majority” of 60 percent to prevent the current Brexit turmoil. Consequently, he insists on applying the same requirement to any future poll concerning reunification in Northern Ireland. Ironically, this proposal overlooks the irony of his position, as he once championed a referendum that lacked such a threshold, leading to the complications the UK now faces.

While Baker’s perspective may seem contradictory, it highlights the evolving nature of political dynamics and the need for individuals to learn from past mistakes. The complexities of Brexit have revealed a shifting landscape in the UK, forcing politicians like Baker to reassess their positions and grapple with the potential consequences of their decisions.


Q: What is a super-majority?
A: A super-majority refers to a voting requirement that exceeds a simple majority, often requiring a higher threshold for a decision to be approved.

Q: What are the political sensitivities in Northern Ireland?
A: Northern Ireland has a history of political tension and division, largely due to religious and nationalistic differences between the unionist and nationalist communities.

Q: How does Brexit relate to Irish reunification?
A: Brexit has raised the possibility of Irish reunification as Northern Ireland, which voted to remain in the EU, faces the prospect of being separated from the EU while the Republic of Ireland remains a member.

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