Connecticut Couple Arrested for Harassing Puerto Rican Landscapers

A Connecticut couple has been charged with disorderly conduct after engaging in a heated confrontation with two Puerto Rican landscapers and accusing them of being in the United States illegally. The incident occurred in Middletown, Connecticut, when Robert Shaw, aged 62, and Sharon Bourgeois-Williams, aged 58, verbally attacked the two brothers who were working near their home.

Initially, the couple approached Jose Martin and his brother to complain about the noise, but the situation quickly escalated into a hostile confrontation. However, Martin anticipated trouble and decided to record the incident on his phone. The video he captured shows Bourgeois-Williams using profanity and expressing dissatisfaction with the noise level in the neighborhood.

The pair was not only verbally abusive but also questioned the legal status of the brothers. Bourgeois-Williams can be heard in the video asking if they have a visa to be in the country and suggesting that they should be deported. The confrontation prevented one of the employees from freely moving on the roadway, leading to the arrest of Shaw and Bourgeois-Williams for disorderly conduct.

The incident has sparked outrage and criticism from the community. Brenda De Jesus, a relative of the brothers, denounced the couple’s behavior as racist and disgusting, emphasizing that the landscapers were merely performing their job duties and had never stepped foot on the couple’s property.

This incident is a stark reminder of the discrimination and mistreatment that individuals from marginalized communities continue to face. It serves as an opportunity for society to reflect on the importance of acceptance, respect, and understanding in our diverse society.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What charges were the couple facing?

The couple was charged with disorderly conduct due to their hostile behavior towards the landscapers. The confrontation prevented one employee from moving freely on the roadway.

2. Did the landscapers engage in any misconduct?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that the landscapers engaged in any wrongdoing. They were simply performing their job duties when the couple approached them to complain about the noise.

3. Was the incident recorded?

Yes, one of the landscapers recorded the incident on his phone. The video captured the hostile confrontation and the couple’s derogatory remarks towards the brothers.

4. How has the incident been received by the community?

The incident has provoked outrage and criticism from the community. Many have condemned the couple’s behavior as racist and unacceptable, emphasizing the need for acceptance and respect in a diverse society.