Sen. Cory Booker Calls for Sen. Bob Menendez’s Resignation Amid Bribery Charges

By Mia McCarthy
09/26/2023 11:20 AM EDT
09/26/2023 11:39 AM EDT

In a surprising turn of events, Senator Cory Booker has called for the resignation of his New Jersey colleague, Senator Bob Menendez, who was recently indicted on charges of accepting bribes. While Booker’s statement acknowledges that stepping down does not necessarily indicate guilt, he believes that it is necessary in order for Menendez to uphold the integrity of public office. This announcement from Booker, who has been a long-time friend and supporter of Menendez, carries significant weight.

This call for resignation may pave the way for other senators to follow suit, creating a critical mass of pressure on Menendez to leave his position. As Menendez is up for reelection next year, the timing of this indictment and Booker’s statement could have serious implications for the political landscape in New Jersey.

Menendez and his wife were indicted for allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, gold bars, and mortgage payments. These bribes were allegedly used to influence his role as the chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee to benefit the government of Egypt. Menendez maintains his innocence, suggesting that the cash found in his house came from his personal savings accounts.

Booker’s statement highlighted the shocking nature of the allegations against Menendez and the difficulty in reconciling them with the person he has worked alongside for so many years. However, he emphasized that there is a higher standard for public officials, one that goes beyond the realm of criminal law. As senators, they operate in the public trust, and the allegations against Menendez have shaken the faith and trust of New Jerseyans.

This is not the first time Booker has called for a colleague’s resignation. Previously, he joined over thirty other Democratic senators in calling for the resignation of Senator Al Franken following reports of sexual assault. Booker’s decision to take a stand on ethical issues within his own party showcases his commitment to maintaining integrity and accountability within public office.


Q: What charges is Senator Bob Menendez facing?

A: Senator Menendez is facing charges of accepting bribes, including cash, gold bars, and mortgage payments, allegedly used to influence his role as the chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

Q: Why did Senator Cory Booker call for Menendez’s resignation?

A: Despite their friendship and previous support for Menendez, Booker believes that stepping down from public office is necessary to uphold the integrity of the position and restore the trust of the constituents.

Q: Will other senators join Booker’s call for resignation?

A: Booker’s announcement may encourage other senators to join his call and create a critical mass of pressure on Menendez to step down.

Q: How does this indictment affect Menendez’s upcoming reelection?

A: The indictment and Booker’s statement could have significant implications for Menendez’s reelection campaign next year. The calls for resignation could impact the political landscape in New Jersey.