Former Manitoba Premier Considered for Renaming of Newly Constructed Road

A proposal has been put forward by councillors Russ Wyatt and Ross Eadie to rename a newly constructed section of the former Bishop Grandin Boulevard in Manitoba. The councillors are suggesting that the stretch of road, located east of Lagimodiere Boulevard, should be named Edward Schreyer Parkway South.

Edward Schreyer, a former premier of Manitoba, was the first NDP Premier of the province, elected in 1969. He also served as the Governor General of Canada and the High Commissioner to Australia. The councillors argue that Schreyer’s contributions to the Indigenous community and his dedication to Manitoba make him a deserving namesake for the road.

During his time as Premier, Schreyer held regular meetings with leaders of Manitoba’s Indigenous community, then known as the Manitoba Indian Brotherhood, which later became the Manitoba Assembly of First Nations. He advocated for their rights and worked towards improving their living conditions.

The motion to rename the road highlights Schreyer’s efforts to support First Nations in Manitoba. He played a significant role in establishing ice roads and airstrip runways in the north of the province, crucial for connecting remote communities. Additionally, he facilitated the training of teacher aides in Cree and Ojibwa, strengthening educational opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Renaming the road to Edward Schreyer Parkway South would serve as a fitting tribute to a Manitoban who has made substantial contributions to the province, Canada, and the Indigenous community.

The motion is scheduled to be discussed at the upcoming Executive Policy Committee meeting on October 17th.


Why are councillors proposing to rename the newly constructed section of the road?

The councillors believe that the current name, Bishop Grandin Boulevard, is not appropriate due to the problematic history of its original namesake, Justin Grandin, who played a role in the residential school system. They suggest that the road should be renamed to honor Edward Schreyer, a former premier of Manitoba with a strong track record of supporting the Indigenous community.

Who is Edward Schreyer?

Edward Schreyer is a former premier of Manitoba, serving as the province’s first NDP Premier. He was also the Governor General of Canada and the High Commissioner to Australia. Schreyer is known for his efforts in supporting First Nations communities in Manitoba, including establishing crucial infrastructure in remote areas and advocating for Indigenous rights.