Aussie Mother Seeks Justice After Brutal Assault in Public Park

An Australian mother of three is seeking justice after a brutal assault left her with serious facial injuries, possibly resulting in permanent damage to her eye. Carissa, whose last name has been withheld, is urging witnesses to come forward and help police identify the man responsible for the attack.

The incident occurred in August at Integral Energy Park near Wollongong, south of Sydney. Carissa had been at the park for her niece’s third birthday celebration when an altercation between children escalated and another mother became involved. Carissa was shocked by the aggressive behavior of the other mother towards a five-year-old child.

“I know somebody knows who he is, someone knows what happened, somebody has witnessed it, people are talking about it,” Carissa said, emphasizing the importance of gathering evidence to bring the attacker to justice.

Carissa approached the other mother to address the situation when suddenly, without warning, she was punched by an unknown man. The force of the blow caused her to lose consciousness in front of her children.

Describing the incident as a “coward’s punch,” Carissa’s ex-partner, Peter, witnessed the attack and immediately rushed to her aid. However, the assailant quickly fled the scene with his family.

Carissa was immediately taken to Wollongong Hospital for emergency medical treatment. Subsequently, she was transferred to Sydney Eye Hospital for further evaluation and possible surgery. While doctors are hopeful for her recovery, the full extent of the damage to her eyesight remains uncertain.

Despite the trauma she has endured, Carissa is determined to raise awareness about the incident and bring the perpetrator to justice. The New South Wales Police Force is actively investigating the case and urges anyone with information or witnesses to come forward to Lake Illawarra Police or Crime Stoppers.

As Carissa fights for justice and her own recovery, her story serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing conflicts peacefully and advocating for the safety and wellbeing of all children.


Q: What happened to Carissa?

A: Carissa was assaulted in a public park by an unknown man, sustaining serious facial injuries.

Q: Did the police arrest the perpetrator?

A: The assailant is still at large, and the New South Wales Police Force is actively investigating the case.

Q: How can witnesses help in the investigation?

A: Witnesses are encouraged to come forward and provide any information they may have about the incident to assist in identifying the attacker.

Q: What injuries did Carissa sustain?

A: Carissa suffered facial injuries that have potentially affected her eyesight, and the extent of her recovery is uncertain.

Q: What should someone do if they have information about the assault?

A: Individuals with information related to the incident should contact the Lake Illawarra Police or Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 to provide their account and assist the ongoing investigation.