Unusual Encounter: Coyote Found Sleeping on Outdoor Patio Couch in San Francisco

A fascinating incident occurred in San Francisco recently when a homeowner woke up to find a surprising guest lounging on their outdoor patio couch—a wild coyote. Concerned for the animal’s well-being, the homeowner promptly contacted animal control officers. However, to everyone’s relief, it appeared that the coyote was simply enjoying a comfortable nap.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control officer Laura Mullen quickly responded to the call and found the coyote unbothered by her presence. Instead of being hesitant or alarmed, the coyote remained undisturbed and refused to budge as she approached it. Demonstrating an unusual level of familiarity, Mullen gently urged the coyote to awaken and leave.

“The coyote seemed perfectly at ease and unharmed,” Mullen shared on the agency’s Facebook page. “After our brief interaction, he leisurely got up, stretched, and casually strolled to the edge of the yard.”

Mullen noted that the coyote displayed no signs of illness or injury, leading her to believe that it was a healthy young male recently expelled from its den, seeking its place in the world. With a graceful leap over a nearby wall, the coyote bid farewell to the homeowner and returned to its more suitable habitat—a natural, wooded area.

San Francisco has, quite surprisingly, become a home for approximately 100 coyotes over the past decade or so. Despite the urban environment, this coyote population has remained relatively stable for the last 10-15 years, according to San Francisco Animal Care and Control.


Q: Why did the homeowner call animal control?
A: The homeowner called animal control out of concern for the coyote’s well-being, suspecting it may be injured or unwell.

Q: How did the coyote react when approached by the officer?
A: The coyote seemed calm and comfortable, disregarding the officer’s presence and refusing to move from its spot.

Q: What did the officer discover about the coyote’s health?
A: The coyote appeared to be in good health, leading the officer to believe that it was a young and healthy male exploring its surroundings after being expelled from its den.

Q: Where did the coyote eventually go?
A: After leaving the homeowner’s property, the coyote leapt over a wall and headed back to a more appropriate living environment in a nearby wooded area.