Flooding Impacts Detroit Airport, Causes Travel Disruptions

Severe flooding in Romulus, Michigan, has resulted in travel disruptions for passengers accessing Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). The McNamara Terminal, which services multiple airlines including Delta Air Lines, Aeromexico, Air France, and WestJet Airlines, was inaccessible due to flooded roadways and tunnels on Thursday morning, according to officials. Departure flights from DTW were grounded until at least 2 p.m. that day, causing significant inconvenience for travelers.

Although the Evans Terminal traffic was unaffected, the Wayne County Airport Authority advised passengers to reach out to their airlines for flight status updates. Information is limited at this time, but the airport authority has assured that more details will be provided as soon as they become available.

The flooding issue was not restricted to the airport alone. The nearby freeway, I-275, experienced flooding in both directions in the Romulus area. Consequently, the eastbound I-94 ramp to northbound I-275 had to be closed temporarily. The National Weather Service reported that the region received 2-6 inches of rainfall overnight, leading to flooded roadways across Southeast Michigan.

These travel disruptions serve as a reminder of the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure to extreme weather events. As climate change continues to impact weather patterns, it is essential for airports and other key facilities to evaluate and improve their resilience measures. Adequate drainage systems and regular maintenance can help prevent such flooding incidents and minimize disruptions to travelers.


Q: How can I stay updated on flight cancellations and delays at Detroit Metropolitan Airport?

A: It is advisable to reach out to your airline directly for the most up-to-date information on flight status. Airlines have dedicated customer service channels, websites, and mobile apps that can provide real-time updates.

Q: Are there any alternative routes to access the McNamara Terminal during the flooding?

A: Due to the flooded roadways and tunnels, it is best to follow the guidance provided by the Wayne County Airport Authority and the airport staff. Be sure to check for updates from the authorities and the airlines to stay informed about any changes or alternative arrangements.

Q: How long is the flood warning in effect for Metro Detroit?

A: The flood warning for five Metro Detroit counties, including Romulus, is expected to remain in effect until Thursday afternoon. It is advisable to monitor weather updates and follow local news sources for any updates or changes to the warning status.

Q: How can airports improve their resilience to extreme weather events?

A: Airports can enhance their resilience by implementing measures such as improved drainage systems, regular maintenance of infrastructure, and adaptation strategies informed by climate change data. Collaborating with relevant local and national authorities, as well as investing in comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation plans, can also contribute to mitigating the impact of extreme weather events on airport operations.