Former Liberal Party Candidate Considers Second Run for Warringah Seat

Former Liberal Party candidate Katherine Deves is contemplating a second attempt at securing the Warringah seat, which is currently held by independent MP Zali Steggall. Deves gained attention during the 2022 federal election for her strong opinions on trans women participating in women’s sports. Despite facing criticism for her comments, Deves has expressed her interest in running for the Liberal Party again in Warringah. Preselection nominations for the seat will open next year.

Although Deves faced backlash from some Liberal moderates during her previous campaign, she had the support of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and other conservative members of the party. Her candidacy became a focal point for dissatisfaction with the Coalition government. Deves emphasizes that she is not against trans individuals but is fighting for the rights of women and girls.

Zali Steggall won the Warringah seat from Abbott in the 2019 election, securing a 57.2% to 42.8% two-candidate-preferred vote. In the 2022 election, Steggall increased her two-candidate-preferred margin to 61% to 39% against Deves, with the Liberal primary vote decreasing from 39% to 33.3%. This has led some within the Liberal Party to question the wisdom of Deves running again.

Deves, currently practicing as a solicitor, is involved in several significant legal cases. One notable case is related to the female-only social media platform Giggle for Girls. In December 2022, a transgender woman named Roxanne Tickle filed a lawsuit against the platform, alleging that she was wrongfully barred from using it after initially being granted access. The court case is ongoing, and Tickle is seeking damages, a written apology, and full platform access.


Q: Was Katherine Deves previously a Liberal Party candidate?
A: Yes, Katherine Deves was a former Liberal Party candidate.

Q: Which seat is she considering running for?
A: Deves is considering running for the Warringah seat.

Q: Who is the current MP for the Warringah seat?
A: Independent MP Zali Steggall currently holds the Warringah seat.

Q: What is the controversy surrounding Deves?
A: Deves faced controversy over her comments on trans women participating in women’s sports.

Q: What legal case is Deves working on?
A: Deves is involved in a legal case concerning the female-only social media platform Giggle for Girls.