M5 and Exeter Services Experience Heavy Traffic and Delays


Drivers planning to use the M5 and Exeter services in the next few hours are advised to find alternative routes as heavy traffic and significant delays are expected. The popular Friday getaway has caused long queues on the motorway and other key roads leading to the region. Despite a recent accident on the A30 at Okehampton, traffic remains congested in the area, resulting in delays of up to 75 minutes as of 2pm. To avoid the hassle, Devon County Council is urging drivers to steer clear of the Exeter services and surrounding areas.


Q: What is causing the heavy traffic and delays?

A: The Friday getaway and an accident on the A30 are the main causes of the congestion.

Q: How long are the delays expected to last?

A: The delays are expected to persist for the next few hours.

Q: Is there an alternative route suggested?

A: Yes, Devon County Council advises finding alternative routes to avoid the congested areas near Exeter services.

Q: Where can I find up-to-date traffic and travel news?

A: You can find the latest traffic and travel updates on the following website: [insert website link].


The heavy traffic around the M5 junction 30 at Sandygate and the Exeter services is causing significant inconvenience for travelers. As more people flock to the region for the weekend, congestion is expected to increase. Although the accident on the A30 at Okehampton has been cleared, the aftermath has resulted in long delays. Devon County Council’s request to drivers to avoid the area, if possible, highlights the seriousness of the situation.

Being aware of the latest traffic and travel information is crucial for drivers planning to navigate through these congested areas. With technology and online platforms readily available, staying updated on the situation can help save time and frustration. By finding alternative routes and avoiding the heavily congested regions, drivers can make their journeys more efficient and pleasant.


As the Friday getaway ensues, drivers should be prepared for heavy traffic and delays around the M5 and Exeter services. The recent accident on the A30 and increased influx of visitors to the region have created further congestion. By staying informed and finding alternative routes, drivers can help alleviate the stress of long queues and ensure their journeys are more enjoyable.