Ensuring Accessibility for All: CBC’s Commitment to Inclusivity

CBC is dedicated to making its products accessible to every individual in Canada, regardless of any visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive challenges they may face. To achieve this goal, CBC has implemented features like Closed Captioning and Described Video on many of its shows available through CBC Gem.

In its commitment to accessibility, CBC welcomes feedback from its audience. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or ideas on how CBC can further enhance its accessibility features, your input is highly valued. CBC strives to ensure that everyone can enjoy their content by removing barriers and providing equal access opportunities for all Canadians.

The availability of Closed Captioning and Described Video on CBC Gem allows individuals with hearing impairments to follow along with the dialogue and understand the content of the shows. This feature is invaluable in creating a truly inclusive viewing experience.

Moreover, Described Video enhances accessibility for individuals with visual impairments or blindness. By providing audio descriptions of visual elements, CBC allows these individuals to fully comprehend and appreciate the visual aspects of its shows.

CBC continues to explore new ways to improve its accessibility features and make them seamlessly integrated into its products. The aim is to enable individuals with disabilities to independently enjoy CBC’s diverse range of content without encountering any unnecessary obstacles.

In conclusion, CBC is committed to creating an inclusive environment by ensuring that its products are accessible to all Canadians, regardless of their abilities. Feedback from the audience is welcome and highly valued as CBC continuously strives to enhance its accessibility features and make them available to as many individuals as possible.