Man Injured in Daytime Shooting in Ottawa’s ByWard Market

A man has sustained non-life-threatening injuries in a daytime shooting incident that occurred in Ottawa’s ByWard Market district. The incident took place on York Street, between Dalhousie Street and Cumberland Street, prompting emergency crews to swiftly respond to the scene.

According to an Ottawa paramedic spokesperson, the victim, described as an adult male, was immediately treated for gunshot wounds by paramedics at the location. After receiving medical care, he was then transported to a hospital, where he is currently in a serious but stable condition.

Local authorities, including the Ottawa police, have been tight-lipped about the details of the incident. However, an ongoing operation is reportedly underway on York Street, hinting at the active investigation being conducted to apprehend the perpetrator.

As a result of the shooting, York Street has been closed off between Dalhousie and Cumberland, causing disruptions in the area. It is advised for the public to avoid the vicinity until further notice.

This incident serves as a reminder of the need for continued vigilance and public safety measures in all communities. It showcases the importance of prompt emergency response and effective medical assistance in situations of violence.


  • Q: What happened in Ottawa’s ByWard Market?
  • A: A man was injured in a daytime shooting incident on York Street.
  • Q: What is the condition of the victim?
  • A: The victim, an adult male, was transported to the hospital in a serious but stable condition.
  • Q: Are there any updates on the ongoing investigation?
  • A: The Ottawa police are actively conducting an operation on York Street to investigate the incident.
  • Q: Is there any road closure in the area?
  • A: Yes, York Street is currently closed between Dalhousie and Cumberland.