New Federal Funding to Address Calgary’s Housing Crisis

The federal government has recently allocated a substantial sum of $228 million to address Calgary’s pressing housing crisis, with plans to construct nearly 7,000 new homes over the next four years. The announcement has been met with overwhelming support, especially from Mayor Jyoti Gondek, who expressed delight at the much-needed assistance in the absence of provincial contributions.

Acknowledging the severity of the housing crisis, the federal housing minister emphasized the urgent need for action. “We are living in a housing crisis,” the minister stated, underscoring the detrimental impact on both individuals and communities. Although the funding is contingent on certain requirements, such as the relaxation of zoning restrictions to accommodate increased density, it presents a significant opportunity to alleviate the prevailing shortage.

The minister highlighted the federal government’s commitment to tackling the housing crisis by emphasizing the signing of agreements with multiple cities across the country. The accelerated pace of change has surprised many who doubted its feasibility, leaving few with a reasonable argument to slow down the process. This assertion was directed towards the Alberta provincial government, whose absence and lack of contribution at the announcement did not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Mayor Gondek emphasized the importance of collaboration between the federal and provincial governments. Given the dire need for funds in addressing the housing crisis, she urged against the involvement of additional bureaucracies that could impede progress. The mayor recognized that the joint efforts of two governing bodies have already yielded positive results, and she proposed that the inclusion of a third would further enhance their collective impact.

The allocated federal funds will be distributed over three years, with 25% provided up front and subsequent annual installments until 2027, as long as the program requirements are met. The Housing Accelerator Fund aims to surpass the city’s projected growth and construct 6,800 additional homes, providing much-needed relief to both current and prospective residents of Calgary.


What is the purpose of the federal funding?
The federal funding aims to address Calgary’s housing crisis by constructing approximately 7,000 new homes over a four-year period.

What are the requirements associated with the federal funding?
The funding is contingent upon various requirements, including the relaxation of zoning restrictions to allow for increased density.

Why was the absence of provincial representation notable?
The absence of provincial representation at the funding announcement raised concerns about the provincial government’s commitment to resolving the housing crisis.

How will the federal funds be distributed?
The federal funds will be distributed over three years, with an initial allocation of 25% upfront and subsequent annual installments until 2027, subject to meeting program requirements.

What is the expected impact of the Housing Accelerator Fund?
The Housing Accelerator Fund aims to build 6,800 homes in Calgary, exceeding the city’s projected growth and offering much-needed relief to the housing shortage.