Sen. Fetterman Criticizes Gov. Newsom’s Unofficial Presidential Campaign

Democratic Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania recently made a statement criticizing California Governor Gavin Newsom for what many perceive as an unofficial presidential campaign against President Biden. Although Fetterman did not provide direct quotes, he stated that both Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips and Governor Newsom were running for president, but only Newsom had the courage to announce it.

Fetterman expressed his opinion that if any Democrat wants to criticize and question President Biden’s actions, they might as well write a check to former President Trump. His comments came as a response to accusations that Newsom has been positioning himself for the presidency without officially declaring his candidacy.

Governor Newsom has faced speculation and criticism of his recent actions, including high-profile trips to countries like China. Some believe these trips serve as an attempt to build a political base in preparation for a Biden withdrawal from the 2024 race. Fetterman’s comments aligned with these concerns, suggesting that Newsom is running “back channels” until Biden removes himself from the equation and the party acknowledges the potential election consequences.

Coinciding with Fetterman’s remarks, a recent New York Times-Siena College poll unveiled Biden’s trailing numbers against former President Trump in crucial swing states such as Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, a Monmouth University poll indicated that a significant portion of voters believe Biden, at 80 years old, is “too old” to serve another term. These numbers provide further context to the speculation surrounding potential challengers within the Democratic Party.

Despite accusations, Governor Newsom has repeatedly denied any intention to run for president. In a September interview with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo, Newsom stated that he was “not worthy of that conversation” and that President Biden deserved the position.

Both Newsom and Fetterman’s offices declined to comment when contacted by Fox News Digital. The controversy surrounding Newsom’s unofficial campaign illustrates the volatile and competitive nature of presidential politics, even within one’s own party.


Q: Who is running for president?

A: According to Senator Fetterman, Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota and Governor Gavin Newsom of California are both running for president.

Q: Why did Senator Fetterman criticize Governor Newsom?

A: Senator Fetterman criticized Governor Newsom for engaging in what many perceive as an unofficial presidential campaign against President Biden.

Q: What did Senator Fetterman suggest for Democrats who want to criticize President Biden?

A: Senator Fetterman suggested that if any Democrat wants to criticize President Biden, they should write a check to former President Trump.

Q: Has Governor Newsom announced his presidential candidacy?

A: No, Governor Newsom has denied any intention to run for president and stated that he is not worthy of that conversation.