GOP Rep. Ken Buck Criticizes Impeachment Efforts Against President Biden

GOP Representative Ken Buck, a member of the hardline House Freedom Caucus, has criticized his caucus and party’s efforts to impeach President Joe Biden, stating that it is “relying on an imagined history.” Buck expressed his views in an op-ed published on Friday, stating that Trump’s impeachment in 2019 was a disgrace to the Constitution and that the GOP’s latest attempt at impeachment in 2023 is no better.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry into Biden this week in order to appease conservative critics. However, Buck’s stance on impeachment is somewhat unique among hardline conservatives within the far-right caucus responsible for causing headaches for McCarthy.

During an interview on Sunday, Buck suggested that there is currently a weak connection between the evidence against Hunter Biden and any evidence connecting the President. However, he seemed to change his position on Tuesday, calling the inquiry a “good move.” But during a Thursday interview on CNN, he reverted back to his original stance, stating that he doesn’t see enough evidence at this point to support impeachment.

In his Washington Post op-ed, Buck reiterated his argument, emphasizing that Republicans are relying on an imagined history and characterizing the facts cited by Republicans as fictitious. He highlighted the seriousness of an impeachment inquiry, particularly amidst Washington’s dysfunction and the potential government shutdown.

It is worth noting that Buck’s positioning as an impeachment skeptic sets him apart from his hardline conservative colleagues. While the impeachment inquiry against Biden continues, Buck remains cautious and asserts that he will only support impeachment if the evidence is compelling and clear.