Massive Fire Engulfs Industrial Estate in Blackburn

A massive fire broke out on Monday evening at an industrial estate in Blackburn, causing widespread concern among residents and authorities. The blaze, which is currently being battled by fire crews, originated at the Dinner Lady vape factory located on Shadsworth Business Park off Haslingden Road.

Multiple fire engines have been deployed to the scene in an attempt to contain the flames. The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service issued a statement urging people in the area to close their windows and doors as a precautionary measure. Police officers are also present at the scene, working alongside the fire crews to manage the situation.

Dramatic images circulating on social media depict a towering plume of smoke billowing into the sky over Blackburn. The intensity of the fire is evident from the fierce flames emanating from the affected building. As the situation unfolds, firefighters remain committed to their efforts and plan to continue battling the blaze throughout the night.


Q: What caused the fire at the Dinner Lady vape factory?
A: The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Investigations will be carried out to determine its origin.

Q: How many fire engines are currently at the scene?
A: There are 8 fire engines on site, actively involved in extinguishing the fire.

Q: Is there any risk to nearby residents?
A: As a precautionary measure, residents in the vicinity have been advised to close their windows and doors. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of the public.

Q: Will the firefighters be able to control the blaze?
A: The fire crews are working diligently to contain and extinguish the fire. Their efforts will continue throughout the night until the situation is under control.