Reviving the Art of Book Publishing: Print N.L. Offers Self-Publishing Option

In an effort to rejuvenate the art of book publishing, Matt Efford, a St. John’s firefighter, has launched Print N.L., a new printing broker service catering to authors looking to self-publish their books. What sets Print N.L. apart is its collaboration with Modern Printing Group, a family-owned printing business owned by Matt’s father, George Efford. The venture aims to provide local writers with a hassle-free and efficient way to bring their literary works to life.

The idea behind Print N.L. stemmed from the realization that book publishing is making a comeback, much like the resurgence of bell-bottom jeans. Matt and his father seized the opportunity to purchase a perfect binding machine, enabling them to print customers’ manuscripts as books within a short period of two weeks.

The rise of self-publishing is evident, as many authors turn to this route after facing challenges with traditional publishing. While traditional publishing involves sharing profits and shouldering upfront costs with a publishing company, self-publishing allows authors to retain all profits while covering the expenses themselves. It’s a gamble, say experts, but one that has the potential to pay off significantly in terms of financial gains and personal fulfillment.

To navigate the self-publishing path successfully, WritersNL executive director Jen Winsor advises authors to seek support from reputable organizations like WritersNL. By providing resources and guidance, WritersNL empowers authors to make informed decisions and find trustworthy companies to work with.

For Matt Efford, this new venture is deeply rooted in a family business legacy. Having grown up surrounded by the printing industry, Efford’s passion for the trade flourished. Over the years, he witnessed the limitations his family business faced due to lack of equipment. Print N.L. aims to bridge the gap by acting as a middleman, connecting authors with local manufacturers and ensuring that no print job goes unanswered.

As Print N.L. enters the publishing landscape, it aspires to become a trusted option for aspiring authors seeking to self-publish their books. By embracing new technologies and collaborating with established local printers, Matt Efford and Print N.L. are poised to revive the art of book publishing in St. John’s and beyond.