10-Year-Old Boy Dies from Electric Shock at Blackpool Hotel

A 10-year-old boy, Jack Piper-Sheach, tragically died after receiving an electric shock at Tiffany’s Hotel in Blackpool. The incident occurred on September 3 when Jack was found unresponsive in the hotel’s reception area. He was immediately taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool but passed away four days later with his family by his bedside.

The exact details of the incident have not been disclosed, but Lancashire Police stated that Jack’s injuries were consistent with high voltage electricity. After conducting initial inquiries, the police handed over the investigation to Blackpool Council. The council advised Tiffany’s Hotel to temporarily close while they conduct a health and safety investigation.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the hotel will remain closed until further notice. Blackpool Council has been working with the Health and Safety Executive to ensure a thorough examination. They are unable to provide an estimate for when the hotel will reopen.

Tiffany’s Hotel expressed their heartbreak over the tragedy and offered their thoughts and prayers to Jack’s family. The ongoing closure of the hotel has affected numerous bookings and forced many staff members to work from home.

The hotel management issued a statement addressing the impact of the closure on guests and future reservations. They acknowledged the disruption caused by the incident and assured their commitment to cooperating with the investigation.

The full statement from Tiffany’s Hotel can be found on their website.