Communities in Eastern Victoria at Risk of Flooding, Urged to Stay Alert

Parts of eastern Victoria are facing the potential threat of flooding as heavy rain is forecasted to fall on areas still recovering from devastating bushfires. With up to 60 millimeters of rain expected, the region is on high alert and a flood watch warning has been issued. Victorian State Emergency Service chief operations officer, Tim Wiebusch, has warned that small communities could be cut off for up to 24 hours due to floodwater. He urges residents in the state’s east to stay informed and vigilant.

The bushfires in these areas have left behind debris and destabilized trees, increasing the risk of landslides in steeper terrains. Wiebusch emphasized the importance of securing loose objects around homes as they could become dangerous projectiles during extreme weather conditions.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that the largest rainfall totals will occur on Wednesday, with damaging winds continuing into Thursday morning. A low-pressure system is expected to form over the eastern part of the state, bringing potentially up to 100 millimeters of rain over the Eastern Ranges. Minor flood warnings have also been issued for the Goulburn River, Yarra River, and Seven and Castle Creeks.

While the weather conditions are expected to improve from Thursday onwards, the threat of flooding will persist until the weekend. It is crucial for residents in affected areas to stay updated with the latest warnings and instructions from local authorities.


1. What areas are at risk of flooding in eastern Victoria?

Eastern Victoria, particularly communities in the north-east and the central to eastern part of Gippsland, are at risk of flooding due to heavy rain.

2. What precautions should residents take?

Residents should secure loose objects around their homes, such as outdoor furniture and trampolines, to prevent them from becoming hazardous during extreme weather conditions.

3. How long could communities be cut off due to floodwater?

Some small communities in eastern Victoria could be cut off for 12 to 24 hours if flooding occurs.

4. Are there risks of landslides in the affected areas?

Due to the bushfires, there is an increased risk of landslides in steeper terrains, especially in Gippsland.

5. When is the flood threat expected to subside?

The flood threat is expected to ease by the weekend, with weather conditions improving from Thursday onwards. However, residents should continue to stay alert and follow instructions from local authorities.