Premier Ford’s Greenbelt Controversy: A New Chapter Begins

Premier Doug Ford’s recent announcement to reverse his decision on removing land from Ontario’s protected Greenbelt for housing has sparked a new chapter in the ongoing controversy. While the move was intended to put an end to the dispute, recent developments suggest that Ford’s push for land expansion will continue to face scrutiny for months, if not years.

One significant development is the launch of a specialized unit by the RCMP to investigate politically sensitive allegations, including corruption and breach of trust related to the Greenbelt land removals. This investigation raises questions about potential wrongdoing and adds fuel to the controversy surrounding the government’s actions.

Additionally, the auditor general’s office has confirmed that it will investigate the government’s increased use of ministerial zoning orders (MZOs) to override public consultation on land use changes. This probe aims to shed light on whether proper procedures were followed and assess the impact on public participation in decision-making.

Furthermore, the expansions of the urban boundaries of Hamilton and Ottawa have drawn attention, as these moves allow development on previously rural land against the wishes of city councils. This opposition highlights the concerns over the government’s disregard for local input and its potential impact on the environment and communities.

Rather than simply rescinding the previous cabinet order, the government plans to introduce legislation on Monday to define the boundaries of the Greenbelt in law. Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Paul Calandra emphasizes that this bill will strengthen the protection of the Greenbelt. However, legal experts warn that the government may still face lawsuits due to the reversal of their initial decision.

With the RCMP investigation and ongoing scrutiny, it is clear that the Greenbelt controversy will continue to be a major challenge for Ford’s Progressive Conservative government. The investigation could distract the government from pursuing its agenda and may lead to further delays in policy implementation and public trust-building efforts.

While Ford and his PCs face question period for the first time since the RCMP’s announcement, it remains uncertain how this investigation will unfold. As the government strives to comply with the investigation, the lingering controversy over the Greenbelt is likely to impact their ability to focus on other pressing issues.


  • What is the Greenbelt?

The Greenbelt refers to a protected area of land in Ontario, Canada, designated to safeguard environmentally sensitive areas from urban development.

  • What is a ministerial zoning order (MZO)?

A ministerial zoning order is a mechanism that allows the Minister to quickly and unilaterally change a municipality’s zoning rules for a specific property without public consultation.

  • What is the role of the RCMP in the Greenbelt controversy?

The RCMP has launched an investigation into the Greenbelt land removals, specifically looking into allegations of corruption and breach of trust.

  • Can the government face lawsuits over the Greenbelt reversal?

While the government’s planned legislation aims to prevent lawsuits from developers seeking compensation, legal experts suggest that they may still face legal challenges over the reversal of their initial decision.

(Source: CBC News)