Closing Arguments Set to Begin in Peter Navarro’s Trial

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin on Thursday morning in the criminal trial of former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro. Navarro is facing charges of contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a congressional subpoena related to the January 6th riot. The trial has progressed quickly this week, with jury selection taking place on Tuesday, followed by opening statements and witness testimonies on Wednesday.

Government attorneys argued in their opening statements that Navarro’s noncompliance with the subpoena was a clear-cut case. They emphasized that the charges were focused on his failure to provide documents and testify. Navarro has been indicted on two counts of contempt, each carrying a potential sentence of up to one year in prison and a maximum fine of $100,000.

Navarro’s defense attorney acknowledged that his client accepted the subpoena and did not dispute many of the presented facts. However, he argued that Navarro did not willfully fail to comply with the subpoena, which is a crucial point in the case.

Three staff members of the January 6th committee testified as witnesses for the prosecution, while the defense did not call any witnesses. The jury is expected to receive the case on Thursday afternoon and may deliver a verdict later in the day.

Before the trial, Navarro made claims of executive privilege to avoid the contempt charges, asserting that former President Donald Trump had directed him to invoke this power. However, the judge rejected this argument, stating that executive privilege should not be invoked without strong evidence.

Navarro, on his way to the courthouse, carried a sign with a photo of Trump, calling him the “Commander-in-chief.” He declined to speak to reporters as he left the courthouse.

If found guilty, Navarro is prepared to appeal the verdict. He is one of several Trump allies who have faced contempt of Congress charges in recent years, including Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows.