Biden Promotes U.S.-Led Global Alliance at G-20 Summit

President Joe Biden is set to travel to India and Vietnam this week to advocate for a U.S.-led global alliance and reinforce America’s regional position in the face of China’s growing influence. At the G-20 summit in New Delhi, Biden plans to highlight the importance of multilateral institutions to developing countries, while also addressing China’s aggression and economic impact on its neighbors. The visit aims to support Biden’s goal of establishing a new economic world order and challenging China’s dominance in global financial influence.

Although Biden’s messages have resonated among NATO and G-7 allies, it may be a tougher sell at the G-20, where autocratic regimes are also present. The host of the event, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been criticized for his government’s democratic backslide and human rights abuses. However, India’s significant population and growing economy make it a vital counterweight to China and an important link between the West and developing nations.

The G-20 will also feature Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who Biden vowed to isolate on the campaign trail but has sought to engage with in office. The president aims to broker a deal normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, aligning with his broader strategy in the Middle East. Concerns about China’s economy will be another focal point during the summit, as its slowing growth and rising unemployment rates create instability.

Biden’s visit to Vietnam will address the country’s concerns about China’s aggression in the South China Sea. Vietnam has experienced benefits from trade restrictions imposed on China, with American companies relocating their business there. By signing a strategic partnership with Vietnam, Biden aims to strengthen relationships in Asia and counterbalance China’s influence in the region.

Overall, Biden’s trip to the G-20 summit and Vietnam reflects his commitment to promoting a U.S.-led global alliance and challenging China’s influence on the world stage. The president seeks to rally support for multilateral institutions and present the United States as a reliable partner to developing nations.