American Tourists Find Shelter as Hamas Terrorizes Israel

In a recent spate of violence, Hamas terrorists launched a massive attack on Israel, forcing a group of American tourists to take refuge. Approximately 15 tourists from Texas found themselves holed up in their accommodations as they anxiously awaited confirmation that they could safely leave the country.

The tour was organized by Mejdi Tours, a Florida-based company known for offering unique perspectives on the region’s religious and political divisions. Founded by Aziz Abu Sarah and Scott Cooper, who have Palestinian and Jewish backgrounds respectively, Mejdi Tours arranges trips to Israel and the occupied territories that include both Jewish and Palestinian guides. These guides possess deep knowledge and understanding of their people’s history in the region.

As the Hamas attack unfolded, the Texas tourists were making plans to exit through Jordan. Despite the troubling situation, the tour guides decided to stay with the group, providing much-needed support during these devastating circumstances. The overall atmosphere in Israel remains one of sadness, despair, and uncertainty.

Fortunately, most of Mejdi Tours’ approximately 50 American customers in Israel were able to depart safely through Jordan. However, the ongoing violence continues to claim lives, with over 1,100 people killed and thousands more injured, according to Israel’s National Rescue Service. Hamas rockets rain down on Israel’s cities, while Israeli forces respond with retaliatory strikes in Gaza.

As we witness this tragic conflict unfold, it becomes evident that it is fueled by deep-seated hatred. Aziz Abu Sarah expresses the hope that this cycle of violence can be broken. He believes that by chipping away at the walls of ignorance, fear, and hatred that divide us, we can pave the way for a better future.


What is Mejdi Tours?

Mejdi Tours is a Florida-based travel company specializing in providing tourists with unique and diverse experiences in Israel and the occupied territories. Their tours include both Jewish and Palestinian guides who offer insights into the region’s complex history and culture.

How many American tourists were affected by the recent attack in Israel?

Approximately 15 American tourists from Texas were forced to take shelter during the recent attack carried out by Hamas in Israel.

What is the current situation in Israel?

Violence continues to escalate in Israel as Hamas launches rockets and deploys militants, while Israeli forces respond with retaliatory strikes. The conflict has claimed over 1,100 lives and left thousands more injured.

What is Aziz Abu Sarah’s hope for the future?

Aziz Abu Sarah, the co-founder of Mejdi Tours, hopes to break the cycle of violence and division in Israel. He believes that by confronting ignorance, fear, and hatred, a path towards peace can be forged.