New Article: Heatwave Alert in the UK: Record-Breaking Temperatures Expected This Week

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a yellow alert as the country braces itself for a delayed heatwave. Temperatures are set to soar this week, reaching as high as 32C or more, potentially breaking the record for this year. The alert is in effect from 2 to 9pm on September 10th, covering all of England except for the North East.

As the nation emerges from a period of unsettled weather, a high-pressure system centered over the southeast is set to bring a wave of summer heat, according to the Met Office forecast. Tuesday will see mist and fog clearing, paving the way for another dry and sunny day for much of the UK. Although there may be some cloud cover in the far north, it will be drier compared to previous days, as stated by the forecast.

While Tuesday will already experience higher temperatures, the peak is expected on Wednesday and Thursday, particularly in isolated spots in the southeast, where temperatures could surpass 32C. There is even a possibility of matching or surpassing the year’s current record of 32.2C from June.

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Mark Sidaway explains that high-pressure conditions in the southeast, combined with an active tropical cyclone season in the North Atlantic, are responsible for the warm air being drawn north. This contrasts with much of the recent summer weather, which was characterized by cooler air and frequent unsettled conditions.

Although the overall week will remain hot, some western areas may experience breezy conditions, which could lessen the perceived heat. The exception is the far north and west of Scotland, where showery rain is expected intermittently, along with some coastal areas affected by low cloud. While there is a slight chance of isolated thundery showers in western regions, this is not expected to be widespread.

In addition to high daytime temperatures, overnight temperatures are also predicted to stay uncomfortably warm, especially in the south. Tropical nights, where temperatures remain above 20C overnight, are a possibility. The record for the highest overnight minimum temperature in September, currently at 21.7C, could be challenged on Wednesday and Thursday nights.


1. Are there any areas in England not covered by the heat alert?

Yes, the North East of England is excluded from the heat alert.

2. What is a tropical night?

A tropical night refers to a night where temperatures remain above 20C.

3. Will the entire UK experience the heatwave?

Most of England and Wales are expected to face heatwave conditions, with parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland also likely to experience unseasonably high temperatures.