New Article: Tragedy Strikes as Young Soldier Succumbs to Alcohol Poisoning

In a heartbreaking incident that highlights the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, a 22-year-old soldier tragically lost his life due to alcohol poisoning while on duty abroad. Keane Smirthwaite, a devoted Lance Corporal in the army, passed away in Tallinn, Estonia on February 17. The harrowing details of his untimely death were revealed during an inquest held on September 12.

According to the pathologist’s statement, Keane had been enjoying a night out with a friend the evening prior to his passing. They indulged in drinks and food before making their way to a bar, where they further consumed beer and whiskey shots. Later that night, Keane was found in his hotel room at the Raddison Collection Hotel, lifeless. His colleague, concerned by his lack of response, discovered him lying on the bed after gaining access with a master key. While evidence indicated that Keane had vomited, no external or internal injuries were found. It was determined that his cause of death was acute alcohol intoxication, exacerbated by the prone position in which he was found.

The inquest revealed that the level of alcohol in Keane’s blood and urine was four times the legal driving limit. This staggering revelation highlights the grave consequences of excessive drinking. Keane’s tragic death serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with irresponsible alcohol consumption, particularly when in a vulnerable position.


Q: What was the cause of Keane Smirthwaite’s death?
A: Keane Smirthwaite tragically died from alcohol poisoning while on duty abroad.

Q: Was his death determined to be alcohol-related?
A: Yes, the inquest concluded that Keane’s death was a result of acute alcohol intoxication.

Q: Were there any external or internal injuries found?
A: No, the investigation revealed no signs of external or internal injuries.