Poomba the Pig Survives Wildfire After Helicopter Airdrop

Nourished by a helicopter airdrop of granola bars, Poomba the pig has miraculously survived the devastating wildfire that consumed the Broken Rail Ranch in West Kelowna. Last Thursday, the ranch was engulfed in flames, leaving Poomba as the only animal roaming the remaining patch of grass. Firefighters have been caring for her while residents nearby, Keramia Lawrie’s parents, own the property.

Lawrie expressed astonishment at Poomba’s survival, considering the intense heat and smoke of the fire. Her father, Jeff Findlay, attempted to evacuate Poomba and her sister pig, Miss Wilbur, as the McDougall Creek wildfire closed in on the property. However, the pigs stubbornly refused to leave, causing Findlay to flee without them. When he departed, the ranch was already surrounded by flames.

For the next few days, the family anxiously awaited news about the fate of their beloved animals, assuming the worst due to the extensive destruction. It wasn’t until Sunday that they received confirmation of Poomba’s survival. The helicopter pilot spotted her amidst the wreckage, and even dropped down granola bars to sustain her. Fortunately, the fires also subsided a bit, allowing Poomba to stay safe.

Tragically, Miss Wilbur was found dead on Monday. Despite the loss, firefighters continued to care for Poomba, providing her with apples, more granola bars, and ensuring she remained hydrated in the smoky and hot conditions. They also frequently sent Lawrie pictures of Poomba, who appeared to be in good spirits.

Lawrie shared the heartwarming story of Poomba’s survival on social media, describing her as a symbol of resilience and hope. Many people praised Poomba as the “strongest survivor piggy ever.” While Lawrie’s parents are still coming to terms with the devastating loss of their business and home, they find solace in the fact that most of the livestock on the property, including 19 horses, a miniature pony, and four goats, were saved.

The Lawrie family is looking forward to a reunion with Poomba soon. They appreciate the support and kindness shown by the firefighters and the community during this challenging time.